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I recently purchased something called the BioMat. It arrived last Wednesday and I’ve been using the BioMat daily. The BioMat has amethyst crystals and uses far infrared heat and negative ions. All of these “ingredients” combined have a wonderful effect on our bodies. I’ll soon be offering BioMat sessions in my massage therapy/Reiki practice and I’m excited to share this with you. Coming soon to this site will be more information on the BioMat.

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  1. Hi, Marilyn, I also use the biomat in my practice. I have come up with an incredible “dry hammam” sauna experience with the biomat. I would like to share with you.

    I call it the VATICAN DETOX, I start with the biomat, to creat a FIR SAUNA, then start with a KAE hammam glove to scour the dead skin off. Wipe with hot towels, then apply the following products frankincense products. (detox toning oil-frankincense lemon black pepper / hydrating cream and mist for face and the mandarine body lotion for the hands and feel. I fuse the oil deeper into the skin for added hydration by using hot stones. My clients leave feeling beyond euphoric. It’s one of the most amazing experiences I have created for the biomat. I hope you give it a try. -Cammi

    After using the biomat for my massage practice I could never provide another massage without using one.

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