Usui And Karuna Reiki Classes


In REIKI LEVEL I (the Physical Level) the student will learn the history of Reiki, the meaning of Reiki and how it works. The Reiki Power Symbol will be taught to the student and he/she will receive an Attunement or Initiation. The student is also taught how to give a self-treatment and how to administer treatments to others as well as how to participate in a group session.

In REIKI LEVEL II (the Mental/Emotional Level) there is a brief review of Reiki history. The student is taught the remaining Reiki II symbols and how to accomplish a distance healing. An Attunement to Reiki II is received. The student then receives instruction on exercises to perform in preparation for Reiki III.

In REIKI LEVEL III (the Spiritual Level) there is a review of both Reiki Levels I and II. The student is taught the Reiki III symbols and receives his/her Attunement. The student also learns how to administer Attunements.

After completing all three degrees of Reiki, the student can begin teaching Reiki. At that level, the student becomes a Reiki Master. The word Master means Teacher.


Karuna Reiki® is taught in a two-day, 14 hour class. The prerequisite for Karuna Reiki® is Usui Reiki Master for at least 6 months, preferably 1 year.

On Day 1 KARUNA REIKI® PRACTITIONER LEVEL I AND II, the student will learn the definition and history/origin of Karuna Reiki®, the Karuna Reiki® I and II symbols and their uses, Karuna Reiki® Level I and II attunements and how to give a Karuna Reiki® treatment.

On Day 2 KARUNA REIKI® MASTER LEVEL I AND II, there will be a discussion and meditation on the Shadow self. The student will learn the Karuna Reiki® Master symbols and their uses, the Karuna Reiki® Master Level I and II attunements as well as instruction on how to pass the Karuna Reiki® Master Level I and II attunements. The student will also learn how to use chanting and toning when administering a Karuna Reiki® treatment.