Reiki Share

What is Reiki Share?

Reiki Share is a great opportunity to learn more about Reiki, to discuss Reiki experiences, and to give and receive a group Reiki session.

Who can attend Reiki Share?

Anyone who has been attuned to any level of Reiki can attend Reiki Share. There will be times throughout the year when people interested in Reiki but not having been attuned to Reiki can also attend to learn more about and experience Reiki.

When and Where will Reiki Share be held?

I’m currently not hosting Reiki Share due to Covid-19.  Please check back for future updates.  Thank you!

Please Contact Marilyn Landis at (717) 203-2958 or if you would like more information on Reiki Share or if you’re planning on attending so we know how to prepare our space.