Summer/Spring Reiki Classes Now Scheduled

by admin

Spring is on it’s way after a long winter here in PA.  And when we think of spring we think of new growth, new beginnings, fresh starts.  It’s a time for awakening.  And listening to that inner voice that tells us it’s time to reach out from our time of rest.  Time to learn something new, something that can transform our lives and those whose lives we touch.  Reiki I, II, and III classes for Spring/Summer 2018 are now scheduled (See Reiki Class Schedule page for the dates and important information about each class) … Reiki I is the beginning of new growth; Reiki II is the continuation of that growth with a deepening awareness of and connection to each other; and, Reiki III brings all of the growth to fruition, ready to begin the next step on your journey.  I look forward to meeting those of you who feel called to learn Reiki; it is a simple, easy to use technique and yet it is amazing on so many levels.  You will be glad you decided to learn and receive your attunement(s) to Reiki.

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