Reiki I, II and III Class Dates Set for Winter/Spring 2019

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Happy New Year!  2019 is a year to take action and move forward.  I can’t think of a better way to move forward than by taking your Reiki training to the next level.  With each level of Reiki comes a greater knowing and understanding of this ancient hands-on healing energy.  And with each level, the amount of energy available increases too.

The following dates have been added for 2019 for each level of Usui Reiki:

Reiki I — March 2; April 27

Reiki II — February 9; April 13

Reiki III — January 19

If you are interested in Karuna Reiki® training,  please contact me for more information.  You must be a practicing Reiki Master for six months to a year (that includes having taught Reiki) before you can take Karuna Reiki®.

The New Year of 2019 awaits with new possibilities for a better world for all.  And I believe Reiki can help us achieve this goal.  Namaste!

4 responses to “Reiki I, II and III Class Dates Set for Winter/Spring 2019”

  1. Hi! I am a holistic practitioner and am interested in adding Reiki to my repertoire. Do you still have space in your March 2nd class???

  2. Hi, Leslie,

    Thank you for your interest in taking the March 2nd Reiki I class! Yes there is space in this class. You can register for this class by visiting my website. Hover over “A Look at Reiki” and then select “Reiki Class Schedule” then click on “Register Here” … there is a $50.00 non-refundable deposit required to hold space in class.

    I look forward to having you receive your Reiki I attunement!


  3. I will be picking some dates for upcoming classes for Fall/Winter. At this time I am not scheduling any classes for the summer. Please check back towards the end of summer. Thank you!

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