“As a result of a car accident I was involved in some 12+ years ago, I developed a classic case of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in addition to all of the muscular pains from the crash itself.

After having received treatment from medical doctors, soft tissue specialists, chiropractors and other massage therapists, my condition never improved. I was in a lot of pain all of the time and my energy level was nothing like it was prior to the accident. My health was in a downward spiral from the painful head, neck and back injuries and the pain of the fibromyalgia. I was becoming immobile. A friend of mine referred me to a massage therapist in Lancaster, Marilyn Landis. After receiving my first massage from Marilyn, I experienced the lowest level of pain for the longest period of time since the accident. As Marilyn continued working with me she also introduced me to the healing energy of Reiki. Over time, the pain became less and less…And today my fibromyalgia is in remission! No more tender points, no more knotted muscles, and no more chronic fatigue…My energy level is back to where it was prior to the accident. It is so wonderful to greet each day feeling energized and pain free.

I continue receiving massage and Reiki from Marilyn on a regular basis. Marilyn consistently delivers quality massages time after time. I do highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a better quality of health and wellness.”

Linda R.,
New Holland, PA

“I met Marilyn when I used a gift certificate for her massage services. After a few routine visits I’ve found this therapy to be a non-negotiable portion of my lifestyle.

I appreciate Marilyn’s reverent spirit and respect for silence during the massage – it’s a true respite.

Her talent is intuitive as well as practical. She’s worked out the most stubborn muscular knots in my back and shoulders and I regained range of motion in my neck. This, along with occasional Reiki touch enables my body to feel relaxed and in sync with my spirit – not an easy accomplishment in our culture. Thank you Marilyn!”

Anita P.,
Lancaster, PA

“Meeting Marilyn and experiencing her amazing skills in massage and Reiki have been a huge benefit in my life. I live in New York City and whenever I am back in my hometown of Lancaster I pay her a visit. I have had many massages over the years but Marilyn is hands down the best. She is a true healer and puts her complete all into the session. I leave a treatment feeling alive and completely restored. Whether I am stressed from the daily rat race of life or my body is sore from working hard at the gym, Marilyn brings balance. Best of all is the price. You will not find a better massage for the money, believe it!”

Scott B.,
New York, NY

“Relaxing, therapeutic massage. I highly recommend Marilyn Landis.”

Marjorie M.,
Lancaster, PA

“Marilyn’s Reiki and Massage, what a gift! I recommend it to all.”

Mike M.,
Lancaster, PA

“Marilyn Landis taught me to do Reiki and it has opened my life. Shortly after I learned my husband was also taught, we put it to use very quickly. Our daughter was pregnant with twins and woke up one morning unable to walk. After doing Reiki on her she was able to walk again without pain. It has also been effective in calming babies, soothing depression, symptomatic relief of fibromyalgia, creating focus before a big test, treating MRSA infections, to say nothing of the peaceful, positive start it gives me every morning. Reiki is amazing and Marilyn is an angel.”

Katherine M.,
Narvon, PA

“I am blessed to have met Marilyn. She is one of the most kindhearted, sincere and generous people I’ve ever met! I received my Reiki I and II attunements from her as well as regular Reiki treatments. The treatments and attunements she has given me have been life-altering mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. My mind is clearer and more focused. I am much more relaxed and able to handle stress. In addition, my stress-related physical ailments have been reduced or have disappeared. I am just a more upbeat and relaxed person. I can’t say enough positive things about Reiki. It really is a gift!”

Anne Marie O.,
Lititz, PA

“My first experience with a Reiki treatment brought a vision that was so vivid, but so elusive in meaning, that I wondered what had actually happened! Months later the vision returned in a powerful way and was a great guide to me in a life-changing situation. Since then Reiki treatments with Marilyn have always brought visions and messages that both guide and inspire me. Reiki treatments bring something different to each and every person, it can provide guidance as well as healing. It’s amazing!”

Cynthia S.,
Grantville, PA

Marilyn Landis is an amazing instructor. I have taken Reiki I and II with her. I was relaxed and eager to learn everything she had to teach because she made everything very interesting. I started out with Marilyn as my massage therapist where she used Reiki to help me with my back/lung problems. I was so impressed with her that I asked her to do massages and teach Reiki classes with the Recreation Commission that I worked for. She taught those of us that were just interested in learning Reiki and also medical personnel who wanted to help their patients. I would highly recommend Marilyn Landis as a Reiki instructor.

Darlena S.,
Conestoga, PA

I received Reiki I and Reiki II training from Marilyn. Marilyn has an open, kind personality and was very good about putting our small group at ease. She helped us grasp the Reiki concepts by first explaining them, then demonstrating them, and finally by allowing us to practice with her support. My Reiki training has helped me to feel more centered and calm, decrease my sinus headaches, and send healing energy to others. Receiving Reiki training from Marilyn was definitely a positive and beneficial experience.

Lori G.,
Lancaster, PA